Friday, August 19, 2016

Vincent Price as Art Critic Carl Carmer in REPRIEVE - 1962

In 1962, Vincent Price played art critic Carl Carmer in the film REPRIEVE (aka CONVICTS 4).  The film was a fictionalized account of death row inmate John Resko, who becomes an artist and is eventually freed. More info about the film can be found HERE.

Ad for 'Sears National Treasures' - May 24, 1966

In addition to its line of original art, The Vincent Price Collection, Sears-Roebuck also also offered reproductions of historic furniture and other household items under the name of 'Sears National Treasures,' with Vincent and his wife Mary as the line's representatives.  Here's an ad from the Phoenix Arizona Republic, May 24, 1966, for an event featuring a personal appearance by the couple.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

He Didn't Just Make Horror Films: An Introduction

Though constantly busy during the 1960's making films, appearing on television and stage, consulting with (and actively purchasing pieces for) Sears-Roebuck on its original art sales program, actor Vincent Price was also somehow able to write a weekly column, syndicated in over 8o newspapers, from 1966 until 1969.  Though the focus of his column changed from time to time, mainly he wrote about art.  An art connoisseur from childhood, Price's knowledge of the subject is legendary. He wrote about art, collected art, promoted art and explored the world in search of new arts and artists. His philosophy, that the arts should be accessible to all people, regardless of their position in the world, eventually led to his founding the Vincent Price Gallery (now the Vincent Price Art Museum) at East Los Angeles College.

In locating and presenting these columns here on this blog, it's hoped that the words and enthusiasm of Vincent Price first published 50 years ago might inspire a new generation to study and investigate the world of art and artists.